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​Some of our competition have different shop rates, road service rates and mileage charges for different work performed. They seem to think that's what the customer wants. Dealership repairs are extremely costly unless under warranty and their main concern is to sell trucks. 

We at Quickway Services Inc., with experience in actual transportation, understand what companies want. That is one rate, a fare rate and no added charges or small print. And we don't sell trucks.

One item we do offer is a special rate to large fleets. 

Our rates are as follows:

Large fleet rate quoted.

On site road service: 2 man team: $110.00 per hour   **not per person 
portal to portal.

Service charge: $110.00

Our shop rate is: $110.00 per hr. for all work performed and no minimum charges. Meaning if it only takes a half hour, half of an hour what you will get charged.

We supply the highest quality parts at the lowest cost available in the industry at 10 % over M.S.R.P. (Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price)

This is why with all of these on site and in shop repairs available to our customers, Quickway Services Inc. can proudly claim to be you # 1 source for all your needed repairs.


From Cleveland, Ohio east to Ashtabula, Ohio. West to Vermillion, Ohio. South to Canton, Ohio and all area's in between.

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